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Thursday, July 11, 2013

English 1st paper suggestion for JSC exam - 2013

By : Mustafij
On : 10:47 PM
In : ,

Reading 60
  MCQ 05
Answering questions ----------- 10
True/False questions----------- 05
Cloze test with clues----------- 05
Cloze test without clues -----------05
Information Transfer -----------05
Matching -----------05
Rearranging -----------10
Summarizing -----------10

1.     Zara lives with her parents . -------------------------------- in the forms.   ***
2.     Mita, Zara, Mr and Mrs Islam  ---------------------- behind them.
3.     Mita looked   ---------------------- thank you dad.”
4.     Oxygen and air pressure are ---------------------------------- enjoyable flight.
5.     Health is the condition of our body and mind  -------------------------- of life. ***
6.     The ethnic people in Bangladesh ---------------------------------- in Mymensingh.**
7.     Bangladeshi cuisine ----------------------------- people.
8.     River gypsies in Bangladesh ------------------------ in some areas.***
9.     Nakshi Katha ------------------------------------ on them. ***
10.  Communication of ideas is at ------------------------- changed our life. ***
11.  River gypsies are ---------------------- special power.
12.  MsSubarnashaha -------------------------------------------
13.  The word ‘hygiene’ means ----------------------------
14.  At the farthest corner ------------------------ in nature.
15.  A six year-old boy from -------------------- on our website.
16.  With only 2,500 ---------------------------- in 2012.
17.  Human beings conquered -------------------- a major accident.
18.  The Falcon hypersonic ------------------ days to come.
19.  Most of these ethnic -------------------- for them.

           Writing 40
          Writing paragraph answering questions ---------10

1.        How to maintain good health   ***
2.        Nakshi Kantha   ***
3.        The ethnic people in Bangladesh **
4.        Bangladeshi food culture  *
5.        The River gypsies of  Bangladesh  ***
6.        The impotence of reading Newspaper * *
7.        Impotence of paper *
8.        Good food ***
9.        Using a dictionary ***

      Completing a story ---------10
1.      Once upon a time there was a farmer who had a wonderful goose.  Every morning she ----------------.JSC 10
2.      Once in a very hot day a fox came to a vineyard where he saw some grapes. The grapes were ------.JSC 11
3.      There lived a wood cutter in a village. One day he -----------------------------.
4.      A farmer had three sons-------------------------------------------------------------.
5.      A shepherd/cowboy-----------------------------------------------------------.
6.      One summer day, a crow got very thirsty. It searched ------------------------.
7.      One day a hare met a tortoise on the way. The hare laughed ----------------.
8.      One day a lion was sleeping in its cave. A mouse was playing ----------------.
9.      Once upon a time, two friends were walking through a forest. They ---------------.
10.  Sheikh Saadi -----------.
11.  Robert Bruce -----------------------------------------------------------------------.
12.  Two cats stole a piece of cake ----------------------------------------.

         Writing informal letters ---------10
1.      ***About preparation for the ensuing JSC exam.
2.      ***Describing study tour/picnic.
3.      **Inviting to join a picnic.
4.      ***Thanking for sending a wonderful birthday gift.
5.      About how to improve English.
6.      Describing the importance of reading books/reading newspaper/physical exercise/tree plantation/learning English.
7.      **Inviting to attend your birthday party.
8.      About your train journey.
9.      ***About your aim in life
10.    Congratulating on brilliant success.
11.    Advising to be punctual/ serious to studies.
12.    ***Thanking for hospitality
13.    About a street accident that you have witnessed.
14.    Condolence at the sudden death of your friend’s father
15.    About what you intend to do during summer vacation
   Writing short dialogue ---------10

A dialogue between you and your friend
about the adverse effect of illiteracy./the importance of learning English/benefits of reading newspaper/Physical exercise/Early Rising/necessity of Tree Plantation/bad effects of load Shedding./benefits of Morning walk/ Etc
a football match./Cricket match/ how they should spend the time after the examination
A dialogue between a customer and a sales man in the shop
 about buying a book/a pair of shoes.
A dialogue between a Father and a  son

 on the choice of career/ aim in life.
A dialogue between you and a stranger
for getting the direction to a post office./Bus stand./hospital/hotel
A dialogue between you  and the Manger of a bank
about the way of opening a bank account


  1. start your reading books..........

  2. apna k onek dhonno bath, ama k shahajjo korar jonno

  3. sir ,ata ki english 1st paper ar final suggestion.